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Torstar Charge Cubes for Schools & Businesses

Charge, store and disinfect up to 40 Tablets or Laptops at a time

Torstar Charge Cubes are revolutionizing the way that businesses and schools are charging multiple devices. Whether you use laptops or tablets, there is a Torstar Charge Cube suitable for your purpose.

The Torstar Charge Cubes are available in 4 different models – for tablets only, tablets and laptops, tablets only with data synchronisation and charging trolleys for tablets.

Welcome to the world of Torstar Charge Cube! Here, you can purchase charge cubes in 4 different models. Just a single click will let you towards premium quality tablet charging trolley from our side. Not only for charging your existing tablets but use our charge cube for powering up your laptops as well. We have separate Charging dock station for tablets & laptop, along with data synchronisation. Going through our specifications will let you catch up with the best choice.

Charge cubes – for disinfecting around 40 tablets at a time!

We are proud to offer our charge cubes for schools and businesses. The powerful item can charge, store, and even get to disinfect around 40 laptops or tablets, all at the same time. So, it isn’t hard to state that we are revolutionising how businesses, offices and even schools are set to charge electronic gadgets.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are using a laptop or tablets in your working area our tablet charging trolley is a convenient and easy way to charge up your electronic devices.
  • With four different models out there, it will be easier for you to find the best Charging dock station to match up your needs.
  • Our four options are available under tablets only, laptop and tablets, charging trolley for tablets only with the data synchronisation option.

Tablet charging trolley is the revolutionary note to classroom technology:

Those days are long gone when you have to carry your charging dock with you, especially in schools. Thanks to the charging trolleys from our side, you get the chance to not just charge but also synchronise so many tablets or laptops at the same time.

  • This is a cost-effective solution for present classroom devices. 
  • It comes handy with easily usable slide-out shelves. 
  • Moreover, effortless cable management is yet another positive side to focus.
  • There are multiple USB ports available, making it easier to charge separate tablets or laptops.
  • LED indicators equipped on Each USB port. These lights will correspond well to each one of the USB ports to show its present current status.

Charging dock station – smart and safe charging opportunity:

Our Charging dock station is safe to use for users. Moreover, the devices have over current and over voltage shielding help. So, your electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets will remain protected from excessive current flow all the time. Thanks to the easy slide-out shelves in our charge cubes, it becomes easy for device access while retrieving files. The best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money for our tablet charging trolley. Even with a tight budget plan, our trolleys are easily available and will last for a longer period.

So, give us a call at our official number at 1300 308 262 to know more about our items. You can easily purchase from our online site by clicking on the “Buy Now” option.

Charging Locker – Allows for safe storage of phones in communal areas:

Our Charging Locker is perfect for common areas allowing public access to a secure space to charge phones, tablets or laptops. It is perfect for classrooms, libraries, hotels, offices, factories, meeting rooms, shops, airports, data processing centres, council sites, cafes/restaurants or government departments.

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