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Ipad Charging Station & Trolley for Multiple Devices

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Those days are long gone when charging your iPad used to be an issue. Thanks to our iPad charging station Australia from Torstar Charge Cube, you get the opportunity to charge up multiple iPads at the same time. We have incorporated only the best features to make our multiple iPads charging stations stand out in the crowd. So, without wasting any time further, join us and venture into the world of the iPad charging station for multiple devices. We even have separate iPad charging trolleys for schools, which is the next best revolutionary move into the world of electronic devices.

Classic features revolving around iPad charging station Australia:

Our primary iPad charging station in Australia is mostly made suitable for libraries, classrooms, offices, hotels, meeting rooms, factories, shops, data processing centres, airports, and even government departments. So, it proves the versatility of our modern multiple iPads charging stations.

  • Each one of the USB ports is proficiently equipped with LED light. It helps to indicate the current charge status for these individual devices.
  • Moreover, there is a timer switch with our iPad charging station for multiple devices. The main purpose is to control the charging time of available devices.

The in-built ultraviolet light in the iPad charging trolley for schools helps to disinfect the device surfaces and internals. Similarly, the second timer switch will control the charging system.

Interesting characteristics of multiple iPads charging stations:

Our iPad charging stations and the Charge Cubes are properly protected, and the exterior is also constructed in 1.2mm flame-resistant steel. This steel body is painted with that shatterproof window. So, it is difficult to destroy our charging stations. Once purchased, these iPad-based charging stations are designed to last for a long time.

  • On the other hand, you can procure these charging docks in your choice-able USB cable type. For Apple Devices, you have a lightning cable. For Android, there are a micro cable and Type C options. 
  • Once you have charged up your iPads, the charging station is programmed to stop working automatically. The automatic safe or smart power switch is the reason behind it.

The categories we have under iPad charging station for multiple devices:

Our team from Torstar Charge Cube is proud to offer you four different types of USB based charging stations. Those are:

  • 10Port USB Charging Station
  • 20 Port USB Charging Station
  • 30 Port USB Charging Station
  • 40 USB Charging Stations

You get to choose whichever seems to be the most appropriate choice for your school or office sector. The rates are moderate for all.

Join us for our iPad charging trolley for schools:

The next time you are looking for the best iPad charging trolley for schools, our name should come right at the top of your mind. We know that charging a tablet is not that hard. However, charging multiple at a time is a bit crucial. Not anymore, when you have our iPad charging station for multiple devices available handy. Click on our website and learn more about our multiple iPads charging stations. The simple rates with easy availability of iPad charging station Australia, makes our company stand out in the crowd!

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