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Laptop Charging Trolleys For Schools

School Laptop Charging Station

We, at Torstar Charge Cube, have segmented our charging docks under four different modules. Among the lot, one major one is the laptop charging trolley for schools. These trolley cases are meant for laptops only. The case is available in the finest combination of black and orange. We even offer some interesting features on our laptop trolley for schools, which makes our item the best one in the market.

Here, you have two options from our side. Those are Orange and black with 14 device capacity and Trolley Charging station for Schools Black with 24 device capacity. Before you invest some bucks on your school charging station, make sure to run down through some features first.

Our undeniable features of the laptop charging trolley for schools:


We have some of the most promising laptop charging trolleys for schools, which are perfect for managing multiple banks of Laptops. You get the specific number of USB ports for your laptop trolley for schools, based on the required necessity.

These items are mainly designed for keeping the needs of school members in mind. The Charging station for Schools features one open design. It helps to provide passive ventilation and will allow for easy and quick visual checks by the users. The item remains patented and comes with a one-time adjustable shelf for the laptops. This feature of our school charging station will allow everyone to make the cart highly suitable for laptops of multiple models.

Remote-controlled feature of the laptop trolley for schools:

There are reasons for educational institutions to procure laptop trolleys for schools from our side. The charging port is proficiently managed using a remote-controlled power management system.

  • This is one intelligent system, which stages power availability to every laptop bank. 
  • The functions available with these items can prevent any form of power overloading.
  • Therefore, you get the opportunity to reduce present energy bills, extend the life of your laptop’s present batteries, and reduce carbon emissions to a great extent.

Benefits of procuring our Charging station for Schools:

Now, you must be wondering why to choose our Charging station for Schools. Well, the listed features will help you understand the benefits these items hold.

  • Our charging stations come with keys as security with an anti-theft locking kit. It will help to protect the laptops along with the cart.
  • Moreover, our laptop trolley for schools is made accessible for loading and even to unload devices within the half time. It usually takes in a traditional front-loading mobile-based cabinet or trolley.
  • Our laptop charging trolley for schools is proficiently designed with easy mobility. It has a quicker deployment rate in any possible location. So, no need to worry about that at all.
  • Each of the USB ports of these devices is well-equipped with LED light. It helps to indicate the current charge status for the individual devices.

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